Properly functioning equipment is critical to your operation, which is why Safe Industries offers mobile equipment testing.

Let us partner with you to ensure your teams are always operating at their very best.

For information on any of our services, please call our office at 864-845-7175 or toll free at 877-997-7233.

Alternatively, check out the CONTACT page and reach out to the salesperson for your region for more details.

Fit Testing

  • On-Site Fit Testing services
  • Same-day printed reports

Flow Testing


  • On Site Flow Testing of All SCBA Cylinders
  • Same-day printed reports

Mobile Hydro Testing

  • On-Site cylinder testing
  • Quick turn-around, as well as no down time on your air pack

Hose Testing

  • On- Site Testing of all your hoses.
  • We ensure to keep you NFPA Compliant, while not removing your hose from your location.

NFPA 1851 Turn Out Gear Cleaning and Inspection

  • On-site technicians that are trained in cleaning and inspecting your gear, and are highly capable to make repairs, and hydro test your gear.
  • We offer the ability to enter all the information of your gear into PPE tracker as a way to track your gear and ensure that you stay compliant with all NFPA standards.

Mobile Pump Testing Performed per NFPA Standards

Draft Commander 2

  • We bring state of the art equipment to YOUR location
  • Complies with NFPA Standards
  • Unmatched simplicity, accuracy, and safety
  • Department will receive the complete test results for your records
  • Apparatus can be disconnected in a matter of seconds should an emergency arise during the
  • testing
  • Truck Service Preventative Maintenance and Repairs Offered

To see more about our mobile testing capabilities, see this video.

Restaurant Hood Suppression System Installation and Inspections